ponedeljek, 03. oktober 2011

Knock, knock! Who's there?

Linux! Who? Little penguin that escaped from home. Since then he is sending postcards letting us know that he's O.K... I really love this guy! I wonder when will i see him in Ljubljana...

Linux on a private beach.

He lives on the edge.

Linux is an unscrupulous cheese thief. 

Here and there selling the fish.

He is supersonic.

Looking for a job. Again nothing for the pirates.

Dr. Linux.

Linux on the South Pole.

Singing Linux.

He doesn't care about his job. He wants to swim.

Linux must be on a diet. Too much ice cream.

Linux watching movies.

Linux is smuggling in the bus.

Linux is a football champion.

Who is crazy?

He also travels through time.

My mistake! He WAS in Ljubljana!

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