sreda, 29. maj 2013

Message from the Universe

Aim with your Heart. 
Steer with your Mind. 
It always works.

foto Erika Felicijan

foto Erika Felicijan

foto Erika Felicijan

foto Erika Felicijan

četrtek, 16. maj 2013


“Experience life in all possible ways --
good-bad, bitter-sweet, dark-light,
summer-winter. Experience all the dualities.
Don't be afraid of experience, because
the more experience you have, the more
mature you become.” 

photo Erika Felicijan - Patsy

sreda, 08. maj 2013

It goes like that.

When I was in Fort Cochin 2 months ago wasn't even thinking to organize ARTish festival there. So many artist I met, talking to them, admiring their work and listening to their stories. Well yes, situation here in India is not the same as in Slovenia. Artists here are alone. There is no one to support them. Well, ok. If the artists are from the rich families, no problem. But what about the others?

And everything happened so quickly. March 18th have opened FB page ARTish India, my lovely lovely  sister Kannikha helped me a lot with posting the news about first ARTish in India and suddenly ... things started to move. Few days later Route Cochin pop out from no where. Wasn't thinking at all. Have send them short description of ARTish and what I am going to do in Fort Cochin and they just said yes. We are here if you need us. Amazing young team they are . . . Sudhith, Ananya and Vishnu. Well, have to say in Slovenia I am not used to such kind of positive response. Specially when it comes to helping each other. with projects like ARTish is.

And I have to say I wouldn't do it without of my friends in Fort Cochin and without Big/Fat Fish Team who kindly offered us their beautiful and artistic place where new restaurant is going to be... Thank you all for the big big support!

And Yes.
That was not the first and the last ARTish in India!

More photos from the first ARTish India you can find HERE. And HERE you can check how we were posting ARTish posters aroud Cochi. Lovely lovely times! And for sure, will repeat ARTish in India ASAP.

Great artist Suresh T. G. helping us posting the poster at his gallery.

What do you see?

Driving around Fort Cochin with tuk tuk with my dear sis Kannikha.

This painting was just amazing.

Love this funny face.

He was waiting for me. On the floor. Lost.

Will have it. Soon.

Amazing hand painted sarees by Anil R Nath. And one is mine!

Raj Twins.

četrtek, 02. maj 2013

Everything possible

Yes. Everything is possible. 
Now I know that. 
No limits. No limits at all.
What for?

Organizing first ARTish event in India seems to me like I have to do this. There is no other way.
After a meeting with former Mayor of Cochin for having first ARTish India outdoor in the park, have decided, not to expose ourselves too much.We want this event to be more intimate so an artists can feel comfortable and cozy. And I am so thankful for that advise!

Big Fish restaurant in just the perfect place for ARTish. The venue is really amazing and BF team helping me so much to achieve my dream.I surely am lucky girl! Also many thanks to the Route Cochin team

I have to say I am in shock (in a positive way) how people here help each other. No mater from where you are. They give you a feeling that yes, of course, everything is possible.

I am happy.
Really Happy.
And Thankful.
That I am what I am.
And that I have such a beautiful Angels around me who supports me all the time.