ponedeljek, 17. oktober 2011

*OFF! #2

It was a really difficult to decide who was going with me to Venezuela. In the end, Giraffe and Fani decided that they would rather stay at home and take care of my studio. And Mr. Vinko is going with me! I love I that can pack my flip flops and swimsuit while it is so cold outside. A fabulous feeling! How about Vinko? He is just sitting calmly and waiting. As usual. 

While I am gone, Patsy products will be available in Lola shop and Meri Sarajlija shop (Ljubljana). You can also find them in Galerija re:gallery in Koper and in Galerija Majolka in Kamnik. 
trgovina LOLA
trgovina Meri Sarajlija

We'll be back soon! 
Until then, have fun and enjoy every minute of your Life!

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  1. Have a wonderful time in Venezuela, I hope you are bringing camera with you. I can't wait to see photos! xoxo Dominika