četrtek, 02. maj 2013

Everything possible

Yes. Everything is possible. 
Now I know that. 
No limits. No limits at all.
What for?

Organizing first ARTish event in India seems to me like I have to do this. There is no other way.
After a meeting with former Mayor of Cochin for having first ARTish India outdoor in the park, have decided, not to expose ourselves too much.We want this event to be more intimate so an artists can feel comfortable and cozy. And I am so thankful for that advise!

Big Fish restaurant in just the perfect place for ARTish. The venue is really amazing and BF team helping me so much to achieve my dream.I surely am lucky girl! Also many thanks to the Route Cochin team

I have to say I am in shock (in a positive way) how people here help each other. No mater from where you are. They give you a feeling that yes, of course, everything is possible.

I am happy.
Really Happy.
And Thankful.
That I am what I am.
And that I have such a beautiful Angels around me who supports me all the time.

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